Monday, March 1, 2010


So, I've made it thru another Monday and guess what? My nemesis was not at the location today so that took a lot away from this being your regular Monday. Do you have one of those bosses who no matter what you do or how hard you try to do right there is always that one person who is always there to try to bring you down??? Is it because, they are afraid that you are trying to be better than they are or are they really just trying to make sure you are doing your job right??'' Well, from what I've come across since my two years at this point in my life is that jealous and being unsure of yourself can cause often normal people to somewhat lose their minds!!

Enough with that! I had a great weekend. It was girls weekend and T and I went down to Pensacola to live the crazy life. Little did we know the crazy life was also full of ugly people.LOL
This had to be the weekend where the freaks really did come out out at night. There was a young lady at the club who decided it was OK to have a threesome with clothes on right there on the dance floor. I know, I was thinking the same exact thing. This was some one's child or mother that was on this floor getting dry humped in front of about 200 people. Gross and disrespectful!!

Now on to my trip to the outlets. I didn't get to go to many stores because you can't really shop with other people. Which makes me believe that all those shows with the group of friends running around the mall all happy, is so not true!!! there is no way in the world woman were meant to shop together because everyone has there on agenda and mine was to shop and apparently theirs was to get an outfit for the night. I did find some pretty good deals at the outlets so that was a great thing. Well, I'm not shopping until I go to Vegas so, I'm saying so long debit card until March 14,2010:)


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